Historical Art
by Yonita Fairfax

Mary Boleyn

Mary Boleyn
Part of this story will be about a Lost Wife in the Fairfax part of our family tree.The interest for Yonita had been that because of this wife, whose details have vanished, Yonita had been given Fairfax as a middle name. Being a curious child, this intrigued her.

She wanted to know why and how it had come about .

The following documents about the Fairfax family explained this mystery to her and she hopes it will help other memebers of the Fairfax family to find their bearings.

SEE How the Story of his LOST WIFE goes down to Hugh William Maunsell Gabbette Fairfax, the Grandfather of Yonita From the line of the First Sons. Namely that of Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton and Gilling Castle,
But how did the 'missing lady' the Lost Wife fit into the family tree? Yonita like the baby elephant had insatiable curiosity. On further questioning, Renee, Yonita's mother, tore off a scrap of paper, wrote down the name

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TO SEE How the Story goes down to Hugh William Maunsell Gabbette-Fairfax, Grandfather of YonitaFairfax.
For Yonita's own specific family search,for the LOST WIFE,
we go to the Line of the Second Sons.
via Gabriel,
various scandals,
to the Castle of STEETON to Sir William killed at Montgomery Castle,
the regicides the Chaloners.
then to the Manor house at NEWTON KYME,
then down to The Admiral Robert Fairfax,
to his Stapleton grandchildren where the the above mentioned missing member of the family, the Lost Wife, will be found ie. the First wife of her grandfather Hugh Maunsell Gabbette-Fairfax. Click here

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*If you would like to see Family tree for Fairfax family Connection with RICHARD III, then Click here

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